Talking points.

What are we supposed to talk about?
The people who know are awarded social clout.
To not know is to put your every word in doubt,
A misfortune to all of us who’ve gone down this route

He who shares this burden dreads the light of day,
As to the masses we know not what to say.
We sit and wonder when our voices began to stray
such a question turns ones heart a shade of gray.

Still there are smiles and small talk to attempt to feign
There’s no escaping the feeling of circling the drain.
Hope remains to those wanting friendships to gain
Although every failed conversation is a lesson learned with pain.

In time those wounds will begin to heal
Attempts made are proof your voice is real.


This one is kinda messy and I’ll probably revisit it later to fix it. I have trouble speaking with people for some reason, I’ve been trying to change that that of late but I’ve got to admit it’s really difficult. It hits harder when you realize most people on this planet can do it which makes you (or at least me) feel like some kind human defect. The isolation builds up over time and you slowly begin to realize you’re alone and desperately trying to dig yourself out of this pit you’ve made. Subject matter aside I didn’t mean for this post to be depressing I’m still trying my best to get myself out of this hell, to make friends, etc. That’s also part of the reason I started this page (although I’m still experimenting with it) expressing myself through writing is much easier than words.

Thanks for reading to the end if you made it if you liked this perhaps follow my page because there’s more to come.

“The isolation gets me again I don’t know where to go when I feel like crying. Oh my ! It’s time to open myself do something new” ~ Smile bomb

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