The Triple Goddess – After Mabinogi

Centuries ago I acted as humanities savior

Now I have returned to ask you to return the favor

The promised land is under threat of destruction

And so I must ask you to be my enemies’ obstruction.


You do not know me but all I ask is to be set free

So that I may unleash the powers of the sisters three.

Heed my plea and you will be rewarded in my embrace

With the ability to awaken a paladin’s grace.


Rebuke me and suffer the Formorian’s wrath

As they shall leave none standing within their path.

The dark god will tempt you with powers to join his fight

But I beseech you to refuse the road of the dark knight.


The choice is yours, but should you be an emissary of light

I as the goddess shall make sure Erinn’s future is bright.


This is something I posted on another page months ago but I decided to start over and begin anew here. The other things I wrote had some kind of meaning in relation to myself but since I’m doing better as of late this one is about a game I used to play. Besides this somethings been on my mind for a while now with the way we interact with reviews. I’ll make a post about this later today hopefully but if not today then tomorrow for sure thanks for reading.

“Oops my hand slipped.” ~ Fergus


The image above is a picture of the aforementioned goddess and the image is property of Nexon.


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