The animal that doesn’t let you see your worth,
as it wastes every hour you have left on this earth.
Try as you might to take this animal down,
it creeps back up to you while never making a sound.

While the beast is a lesser disease of the mind
it has the power to keep your creativity confined.
The beast is ancient and known to man and woman alike,
we all watch for when it gets ready to strike.

In antiquity it was known as a demon of great sin
who waited around every corn with a massive grin.
Today we knew better as we’ve seen its face,
we know to treat it we must start at its base.

We can no longer allow this animal to perpetuate this crime,
else we find out too late we’ve run out of time.


I’ve been away from this site for many reasons, one being a massive weeklong headache I had due to allergies, another due to school as we come down to the final weeks here, and lastly due to sloth. I’ve wasted a lot of time in the last year not doing things to help me accomplish my goals and the things I have been wasting time on aren’t even fun. I’ve decided to cut these things out of my life and work harder to accomplish the things I want to do, in order to do this I’ve decided to post a goal statement on the blog that will help me focus on what I want. This is all for now if you liked what you saw here today leave a like and perhaps a follow, oh and the featured image is from the manga and anime “The Seven Deadly Sins.”.

“I’m not worried about telling anyone, the more I talk about it the better the chance it will come true.” – Erased.

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