The Lost Kingdom.

Beyond the door open never before
Thrust open by powers one might abhor
Sat a kingdom fraught with frightful lore
Long abandoned by those of yore.

A land beset with ominous shadows might
And strange light that sets the heart alight
Where fiends rejoice in the endless night
And forlorn heroes scour to see daylight.

Yet forward they’ll march to end their sorrow
They still know not the next day’s harrows
They’ll call upon one another for courage to borrow
For a fruitful attempt to see a brighter tomorrow.

So, although to this dark world they’ve been shoved
They fight on to see their dearly beloved.


Something I wrote for a class a long time ago after the three lost warriors of Kingdom Hearts. I thought this would make for a fun first post after the reboot. If I fix this up later I want to find different words for the third stanza. More to come.

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