The Serial Killer chapter one: New Beginnings

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A window opened in a sultry office. For good reason too, the two men in the office wore heavy dark suits even in the midst of summer. One of the men short and plump dabbed profusely at his sweat-soaked face. The other man tall and slender sat behind a desk with an intricately designed bear; it looked as if it was ready to leap from its surface at any moment.

The plump man tugged at his collar and said, “Did we really have to do this today? It’s supposed to be much cooler next week, perhaps we can reschedule?”

The taller man laughed. “Relax, everything’s been planned down to a T. We’ll have the air conditioner fixed by tonight; can’t have our guest of honor uncomfortable, can we?” The man said as if the matter were settled. “More importantly did you get it?”

“Of course,” The plump man said. He took out a small parcel from a pocket inside his suit and laid it bare on the desk. “It wasn’t easy mind you. I think I saw Foster down there and the Evan brothers don’t play around. They wanted twenty thousand just to retrieve the bloody thing! Remind me why we left such an important item with gangsters?”

“Well we couldn’t just leave it in a bank vault could we Alistair. The police already took our toy away once.” The taller man said while unraveling the parcel. His eyes grew greedier with every unfolded piece, like a child unwrapping a present.

“Careful now, the things wickedly sharp, it cut me when I picked it up,” Alistair lamented holding up three bandaged fingers.

“Who do you think you’re telling? I’m the fourth generation to own the dagger, and I’ve run the experiment six times already.” The taller man said peeling back the last fold, revealing a hooked, ruby red, dagger. Seven dull gray jewels ran up the dagger’s grip in a zigzagged fashion; the blade itself was inscribed with illegible symbols neither of the men could decipher. The man picked the dagger up and gazed at it longingly. Without taking his eyes away from the dagger he added. “Your wound hasn’t healed, right? Make sure to go to the basement floor and receive the antidote or you’ll probably be dead before the day ends.”

“Anyone in mind for its wielder?” Alistair said now fanning himself with the wrappings.

The tall man chuckled. “Alice was so close I thought her husband deserved a chance with it. I’ve been watching him; I think he has the mental fortitude. Besides not like he has a family that would miss him.”

Alistair nodded and said, “True, he has nothing to lose, heck we may even be doing him a favor. When do we begin?”

The tall man rose from the desk and stared out his back windows at a sprawling metropolitan city. He smiled knowing what was to befall the city and said, “Now. You’ll find Alice’s keys with Chris on the third floor, he should have the hawk with him too. It should be trained but be careful all the same. Go while Nathan’s at work, you shouldn’t be seen. The streets around his house are usually empty barring the odd housewife or beggar.”

“Yes sir,” Alistair said and strode out of the room.

Alone at last the tall man raised the dagger so sunlight bounced off it and smiled. “I hope you show me something interesting Nathan.”


And there it is! Sorry about it being late but something went wrong with wordpress. I had it set to auto go out at six but I just got back and noticed it never went up. As per yesterday I’m hoping for feedback on this, this is the first time I’ve shared anything of this nature with people. The whole story was a blast to write so I want to keep editing it and pushing this boundary forward.

If you made it to the end here I thank you dearly subscribe to the blog for further updates. I’m planning to post a review thread for Yakuza 0 on Friday with a reminder for it on Thursday. Chapter two of the Serial Killer will come out next Monday.

Once again thank you! – Hisaxia.

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