Humanity is in a cocoon so to speak
Some pick at the wrappings while others keep impatience at bay
As dark as it seems our prospects aren’t bleak
They’res much we can do before we’re set free come May.

With time on our hands, we can use humanity’s best ability,
To learn without limit a gift that’s considered a treasure.
Moments have already passed so move with great agility,
And you’ll find your new skills have worth beyond measure.

Holes are beginning to form along the cocoon,
Formed by those desperate to be free from the countries cessation.
Try as they might the cocoon was built to last till June,
So struggle not and let’s come together as a nation.

The possibilities for you are near limitless,
So the question remains what will you learn by the end of our chrysalis?


Okay still don’t think I’m any good at writing this stuff but it’s still good writing practice regardless of how I feel about it.

It’s kind of obvious this is about the virus but after seeing people saying they’re bored and others protesting I just felt it was strange. There’s so much we can do with the time we’ve been given right now. I’ve started learning Japanese and practicing my writing more which I haven’t been able to do in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This, of course, isn’t possible for everyone but I just found it odd for the people saying they’re tired of watching TV, the internets full of new interests you can learn.

That’s just my opinion though take it as you will. Anyway’s tomorrow I’ll post a reminder for the serial killer chapter two which will release Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and try to learn something with the rest of our lockdown.

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