Short Life Update

I’m kind of really happy I got this out this week. While it hasn’t been a complete nightmare a combination of Final exams and Final projects have left me worn out every day. Before this week I’ve been able to edit a chapter a day but that hasn’t been possible this week and next week will probably be the same. I’m still going to get a chapter out Monday and next Friday but I’m gonna have to push it!

The semester is officially over next week and then graduation! I know I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but I’m so excited I can’t contain it! I’m gonna take a month off and then start the job hunt. I’ll still be writing of course but It’s time for real life to begin.

While on the job hunt I’m still gonna trying new things and putting myself out there I.E I’m gonna keep editing this (This is only revision two definitely not the final one!) and eventually try to wrack up some rejections putting it out there for agents ect.

That’s all for now, just wanted to give a small life update. This fatigue is tough but I got this! Keep up whatever you’ve been up to, stay safe as parts of the world start opening up and find time to take care of yourself!

~ Hisaxia.

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