The Serial Killer Chapter Eight: Normality

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Nathan was up until two in the morning looking up anything he could find relating to Christianity. Try as he might he couldn’t find anything relating to a demonic dagger or a demon called Kara. The closest he found was a knife supposedly used by Jesus in the last supper which had nothing to do with his dagger.

He did find Jr’s prediction had come true, the second he got home and turned his phone back on he found Luckybeat’s chief editor had tried to reach him nonstop presumably to discuss the hook killer. After such a full day though he turned his phone back off and decided to deal with her at the office.

The next morning as he prepared for work he took her call between bites of pancakes and waffles not being able to decide which to have.

“Hello?” Nathan asked.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!” Emily screamed. Nathan had to hold the phone away from his ear.

“Sick I told you,” Nathan said massaging his ear.

“You better have been spitting blood if you couldn’t take my call all day! The mayor was going to visit our office yesterday, he postponed because he wanted you there. This is big, he requested you specifically!” Emily said. He could feel her excitement radiating through the phone, he himself wasn’t ecstatic. Foster would probably want to talk about the hook killer but Nathan had already started putting the whole thing behind him.

He planned to somehow discretely get the dagger looked at to see if Joseph’s fingerprints were still on its handle. If they were it would be much easier to convince the police to look into Umbra. Then all he had to do was confess to his contact on the force and he’d never have to think about daggers or serial killers ever again.

“Well come on say something! Are you feeling better? Can I count on you being here today?” Emily said nearly pleading.

“Of course…” Nathan said. Emily had been very good to him over the years and the thought of displeasing her overwhelmed his distaste for the whole dagger affair.

“Thank you Nathan, you’re a lifesaver. Get here as fast as you can, there’s things I want to discuss with you too. I’m sure you already know what I mean.”

She hung up before Nathan could even answer her back. Talking with her over the phone was difficult for that very reason, it was hard to get a word in edgewise.

He downed the pancakes and waffles quickly and got out the door. The drive to work was unexpectedly easy that morning until he neared Luckybeat. Foster’s security detail was thorough and meticulous in searching him. He had to watch as they searched his car before he could even park.

Walking into the office he was about to greet Sophia when she pointed at the office’s door and sharply said, “Go.”

The mayor was wearing a suit much like the one he wore on tv, he already had a drink in his hand even though it was so early in the morning. His coworkers surrounded and crowded him while he laughed and exchanged stories with them. The only one not schmoozing Foster was the paper’s managing editor Diana who he saw was still in her office. She looked shaken for some reason but he wondered if anyone else noticed or cared with the mayor there.

“The man of the hour!” Foster said with gusto.

The entire room turned to face Nathan, their stares were like lasers boring into his skull. He waved back awkwardly.

Before he knew it Emily was at his side and sweeping him towards the crowd. “That’s right the man of the hour, ha, ha,” she said gracelessly. “He was just congratulating us on our recent success Nathan.”

“That’s right! Your recent articles have been amazing. You covered the fishing competition at lovers lake, and by how I’ve heard it even got an exclusive interview the elusive Joseph Crane,” said Foster. “I’ve only met with the man once myself and I’m the mayor! That alone makes you incredible.”

Nathan smiled hesitantly as he had to watch his coworkers clap for him. He thought he saw Chloe giggle and Oliver give a strained smile. He was sure the mayor wasn’t there to talk about fishing competitions or even Joseph Crane; even if he did have something to do with Foster’s real topic.

“Now that the pleasantries are over I did want to talk to you alone Nathan. Is there somewhere we could talk alone?”

“My office is free!” Offered Emily. She pointed it out and Foster smiled.

“Excellent! Let’s make haste Nathan.” Foster said as he led the way.

At least he’s getting to the point quickly… Nathan thought as they reached their destination. He had been in Emily’s office more times than he could count and always enjoyed its cozy atmosphere. She had a built-in fireplace made just for her, the walls were a much more muted color than the white of the rest of the office, and just outside her windows you could see a small forest where the occasional woodland creature gathered.

“Well then Nathan I think you know what I wanted to talk about,” Foster said as he took a seat behind Emily’s desk.

“Mr. Hook I presume?” said Nathan with a thin smile.

Foster frowned. “This is no joking matter Nathan. Two people are already dead, you used to be the one who always seemed to have first access to anything relating to the hook killer. If you know or learn anything, anything at all you need to tell me or the police.”

“The police I can understand but why would I come to you?”

The mayor fidgeted in his seat. “Not like it’s any of your business but the first victim was one of the Evans brothers… ‘Associates’. And well they’ve personally told me how much they need this matter resolved,” Said Foster with a tug to his collar.

And yet you let the thugs run wild. Nathan thought angrily. He made sure to keep his face expressionless though his instincts told him something he could use was coming.

“Let’s not talk about any more unpleasantries. This deal could be quite lucrative to you. I myself have a mountain of liquors and other treasures that I could share with you. Most of them are worth thousands, and I dare say I wouldn’t want to keep them all to myself.”

Nathan’s eyes narrowed. “What happened to cutting back Mr. mayor?” He said coolly. Sammy’s death could only be blamed on himself but he would have never been asking for money had program moved forward.

“Well yes… To be honest, I’ve only been able to buy two new cars this month,” Foster said with a hearty laugh. He readjusted himself quickly though when he saw Nathan didn’t join in. “Come on Nathan, cutting back isn’t for men like us. We’re good people who do good work. Look just tell me you’ll think about my offer and I’ll be out of your hair.”

Nathan gazed into the man’s mousey green eyes, in his head he was already writing a story about corruption in the mayor’s office. ‘Secret link between the Evans brothers and mayor Foster’ he could call it. He smiled and said, “I’ll do more than consider it.”

“I knew I had a good measure on you Nathan,” Foster said rising from the desk. He clapped Nathan on the shoulder, slipped a torn piece of paper in his pocket, and said, “As a sign of our new friendship I have a tip for you. Be careful around that Crane fellow and Umbra I can’t exactly tell you why but he’s a dodgy man. Anyways I’ll be awaiting your call.”

He pondered what the mayor knew Joseph as Foster left and then waited for Emily to poke her head in. “Well, how did it go?” She asked.

“Better than I’d hoped. I think I have a new story idea. I’ll run it by you later.” Nathan said as he got up. He returned to his desk thinking about Father Norton. I did promise him I would get take down other sinners. Nathan thought happily as he got to work.


A short one today. And a short post at the end to say I’ve finished my final class! I can’t believe I’m finally done. These last four years or so have been interesting. I’m gonna make a general life and story update on Wednesday, I’m considering cutting this story off at chapter 10, that would be next week. The reason for that is due to major story reworking I’m doing with it which I’ll go into more detail on for that Wednesday post.

Take care until then,

~ Hisaxia.

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