Life update part 2

And it’s nearly official I finished my last exam and am currently waiting for the results. Right now I’m really hopeful but it may take some time for the results to come out. If all goes well then I’m finally done with this college thing!

If I’m being honest these last four years seemed like they went on forever. I didn’t exactly accomplish all my goals and some of them had to change like my major. But if I hadn’t changed my major I would have driven myself insane so it was worth it to me at least.

There was a lot I didn’t get to do but there was also a lot I did get to do. I traveled abroad to Taipei and made new friends there, I discovered that I enjoyed writing and made a few short stories and poems (some of which you can read here), and most important I didn’t give up. Even when I really wanted to I stuck it through and made it all the way to the end.

That last point is something important to me. I’ve noticed recently that I have a tendency to quit things halfway in the past so the fact that I stuck with this all the way to the end is important to me. And now I’m doing my best to stick to other things, right now I’m getting a huge 105k word book edited and revised, The serial killer (working title) V1 is finished at a little under 55k words, V2 which is being edited live here on the blog is already getting words added to it and fixed, and V3 will have well over 60k I already see flaws with V2 and I’m setting out to fix them. I’m not expecting anything to come from these they were mostly just fun for me but I’ll embrace anything that does come. I found that saying in a book somewhere and it stuck with me.

And lastly, there’s the question of what’s next. Apparently after four years some people take a year off but I think I’m gonna try to hit the ground running. I’m gonna take the week off and finishing Final Fantasy 7 (it’s amazing) and then I have some new goals. I’ve bought masterclass for a year and started learning a lot more about the writing process which is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve started the process of losing weight (different post to come).

I’m gonna end it here today, there will be another post later talking about “The Serial Killer” especially with the current plan at ending (or at least pausing) the blog version at chapter ten with all the changes I’m planning to make for V3 of it. I’m in a really good place right now and I’m happy I got to share that.

If you made it to the end here thanks for reading, I can’t wait to share more

~ Hisaxia.

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