The Serial Killer Chapter Ten: The Third Murder.

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“Call off the dog!” Nathan yelled as the Doberman once again assumed a striking position.

“Maxie good boy.” Foster said. The dog sat at once staring at its master looking for further commands. Nathan was almost annoyed at how fast the dog became docile.

Nathan assumed the scene laid out in front of Foster had to be bewildering. His office was a mess, if he looked to his kitchen he would see his fridge had been plundered, and the reporter he talked to that very morning was now standing in front of him with his hidden revolver and the hook killer’s dagger. There was no talking his way out of the situation.

Foster put two fingers to his face and tapped his cheek. “If you wanted to thank me for the steaks you could’ve just called me,” He said. “How were they by the way?”

“V-very good thank you,” Nathan said as a bead of sweat rolled down his temple.

“Nathan, why do you have the hook killer’s dagger?”

“Why do you have a picture of Monica Hanson, and a revolver missing two bullets?”

“Well that tells me everything I need to know,” Foster said with a smile. “Officer Gibson, you know him I believe, he suspected your wife you know, erratic behavior, was locked up around the time the killings stopped. “Like daughter like mother” he said,” Nathan’s hand tightened around the dagger. He needed to control himself with the dog there but he wouldn’t let Foster talk about his wife that way. “But I thought differently, how could a woman have evaded us for so long? No Nathan, I knew it was you. I put two and two together you see, you were always the first one to have an article about the madman, and why was that? Because you were there, you knew firsthand what happened.”

“You thought I was a killer and still came to meet me? I guess it makes sense though since you thought we were one and the same. ‘Men like us, right?’” Nathan said as he inched slowly away from the dog.

“Stay where you are! Maxie!” Screamed Foster. The dog lowered its head and resumed growling.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you though; I found the dagger on your desk. You’ll have to tell me why it’s here.”

“Bullshit Nathan, you killed that street rat and the Evans’s ‘mafioso’ The same way I killed Monica Hanson.”

Nathan winced at how plain Foster was being.

“What you’ve killed over eight people yet can’t stand to hear about how I’ve killed one? No one likes a hypocrite Nathan.” Foster said closing the door behind him. “He was my assistant for quite a few years you see, that’s why anyone gave a damn about him, otherwise he would have never even made the news. Unfortunately, the little coward got cold feet once he learned about our little deals with the Evans. What would you have done Nathan? You the famous stalker of Vreport.”

Nathan could see how fast the situation was unraveling. Foster was spiraling, if he didn’t take control soon he wouldn’t make it out of the mansion.

“But that doesn’t matter now, the Evans will have dissolved his body a long time ago and I’ve just caught the hook killer,” Foster continued. “The Evans brothers will back down and I’ve got the next election in the bag! What a night!”

“And what’s to stop me from telling the police about Monica?” Nathan said with a smirk. He cautiously eyed the dog, wondering if the dagger’s hellish abilities applied to animals.

“It would be the word of a serial killer that stalked the city versus the people’s mayor,” said Foster flashing his revolting smile. “Give it up Nathan.”

The moment had come, the daggers pulsed quickened in his hand. He jumped the desk and launched himself at Foster.

“Maxie!” Foster yelled as Nathan collapsed into him.

Nathan stabbed at the mayor’s head but Foster moved before the dagger could so much as nick him. His eyes widened as the dog leapt at him and bit at his shoulder. He slashed out but missed and the dog’s fangs sank into his free arm.

The dog knocked him off his feet, savagely shaking its head with Nathan’s arm still in its jaw. He screamed and reflexively brought the dagger down over the dog’s skull. It yelped and jumped back. Its strangely staggered backwards before collapsing to the ground. Even through the pain he felt in his shoulder he felt bad for the dog, it hadn’t chosen to work for Foster.

“Maxie!” yelled Foster. His voice was pained, and his eyes bulged.

The pain he felt was the worse he’d ever experienced, if the dog had been allowed to he was sure it would have ripped his arm from his shoulder. Regardless the pain wouldn’t keep him from the Mayor. He got to a knee and launched himself shoulder-first into Foster. The impact sent a wave of pain down Nathan’s arm but Foster tumbled to the ground. Readjusting himself Nathan positioned the dagger over the mayor’s heart.

“Wait Nathan! I was wrong, we can rule this city together! I can pull some strings and make sure you never get caught. You can kill as many as you want just let me go!” Foster said. Sweat poured down the mayor’s face, his pupils obscured his irises.

“Did Monica beg like this when you shot her?” Nathan asked. He plunged the dagger into Foster’s chest and like that the dagger claimed its third victim. Its third crystal blazed to life and Nathan stood back up.

Strangely enough, the same sick feeling he felt after killing the mugger and Sammy didn’t come. This time the man in front of him deserved it. The front of his shirt was stained with sweat and blood, he would need to change. He quickly pulled out his phone and sent Joseph a text that simply read, “Mayor Foster’s, upstairs office, be quick.”

With the message sent he lumbered his way out of the room with the gun and dagger in hand. He did his best not to let a drop of his blood spill; it was working until his shirt was soaked with so much blood it poured down his side. The second he was outside he walked a little faster, his car wasn’t far but he desperately needed a hospital.

By the time he reached the alley entrance he was staggering and pale; the distance from where he was to his car on the other side of the alley seemed like the distance between the earth and moon. Just as he entered, he felt water splash against his cheek. He paused and looked up; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Then more raindrops fell seemingly materializing out of thin air.

Peculiarly the sudden downpour only seemed to affect the alley, Nathan looked just behind him and the ground was dry. While the phenomenon warranted a reporters investigation he had his shoulder to deal with and continued towards the car. This time he was halfway through the alley when a brilliant light shined behind him. He turned to see a large arched double silver door had blocked off the alley’s entrance. The door was intricately decorated; innumerable stone raindrops ran down the length of the door’s frame, on both side of the doube doors images of crashing waves rolled and smashed into each other. Disturbingly his mind went back to the door Joseph showed him at Umbra.

What now… Nathan thought.

The doors creaked open slowly and the downpour suddenly turned into a deluge, he could barely see as a strange man exited the doors. The man flourished his hand and the rain froze. Nathan had never seen anything like it, the raindrops just hung in the air as if held up by invisible strings. With the rain stopped Nathan finally had a clear look at the man. He was dressed in a fancy blue, ruffled, long overcoat that looked straight out of a different time period.

He saw the man move his mouth but the words he said weren’t in any language he had ever heard. When Nathan didn’t say anything the man held up a finger and tried again. This time the man’s language sounded roughly Greek which Nathan of course still couldn’t understand. Finally, he cleared his throat and spoke in English.

“Sorry about that, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to earth,” The man said. The petrified raindrops seemed to hum with every word the man said. “I think you have something I require.” The man pointed to Nathan’s throat.

Nathan quickly looked down at the dagger and back at the man. I’m seeing aliens now… This must be what Joseph was talking about, the dagger takes a toll on your mental capacities he said. Nathan thought. There was no way the man was actually there so he had no reason to entertain the illusion.

“Wait, wait, wait!” The man said as Nathan began to turn away. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist you give me that locket. It doesn’t belong in this world.”

This made Nathan stop in his tracks. The dagger was one thing but there was no reason the man should have been after Alexis’s locket. He pointed the gun at the man. He assumed the man was one of Joseph’s men come to mess with him for some reason. The rain must’ve been some kind of special effect or illusion. “Joseph sent you right? What does he want?” he demanded.

“I assure you I don’t know what you’re talking about good sir. Please just hand over the locket and I’ll be on my way.”

He fired at the man’s leg making sure not to hit anything vital. His eyes widen as he watched the man tank the bullet. There was a bullet hole in his clothes but no blood pooled from it.

“It seems we have to do this the hard way,” The man said with another flourish of his hand. The rain began again, thundering down even harder than before as the man advanced.

Nathan fired bullet after bullet until the gun was empty at the man to no avail. In the end, he pocketed it and dashed to his car. His breath was nearly gone, already wounded from Foster’s dog, he could tell he had lost too much blood.

The man wasn’t far behind him now, he dug in his pocket for his keys just as the man was at his trunk. Just as the man reached his door he saw a silver hooded figure blinked into and out of existence just behind the man so quickly Nathan questioned if he was seeing things. The rain parted as a new door with feathers around its frame appeared where the figure had just been. The man’s eyes widened as he whipped around to face the new door.

This door burst itself open and a loud reverberating screech rang out through the night. Nathan had to cover his ear against the sound. He could only watch as a tawny large talon reached out from the door and grabbed the man.

“Get off!” The man yelled as he kicked and punched against his unknown assailant.
“Damn it! Why now you shouldn’t have been able to find me!”

The man’s struggle became even more frenzied as the talon dragged him beyond its gate. The last thing Nathan saw of the man was his frenzied eyes as the doors rolled shut just as his head disappeared through the gate’s threshold. The rain stopped at once and the door dematerialized in a haze of yellow light.

Nathan dropped to his knees. “What the fuck was that?” he said struggling to find the words to describe what had just occurred.


And here we are at the final chapter on time at six o’clock! I thought this would be the perfect place to end V2 on the blog because even though a lot happened it’s still one of the shorter chapters.

I learned a lot from doing a live editing style on the blog, it was fun. I’m planning to consolidate my thoughts about doing it fully on Friday.

This obviously isn’t the end of the story but I’ve already started editing a third version of this that looks way different than this story so I thought it made much more sense to end on a high note on the blog than to go back and rearrange the entire story.

If you stuck around since the beginning I thank you! If you’re starting on chapter ten I’m kinda curious why but all the same you do you.

Let’s continue this writing journey together,


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