Signs of what’s next

So now that the first ten chapters of the Serial Killer are out here on the blog and my V2 edits are complete I’ve begun working on V3. There’s a bunch of key differences between these two compared to the first edit I did and the second.

While V2 focused much more on editing grammar and punctuation (which still needs work) V3 focuses much more on improving the overall story. I like the overall story but it became obvious while editing that some of the structure needed to be fixed. And so I set out to add three new chapters that do a number of things.

First and foremost these chapters introduce characters earlier which helps reduce the “Villian of the day” aspect some of these characters have. It also in my opinion helps deepen the characters a little by giving them a reason for the way they act. Third, they tie together crucial aspects of the story in a more concise way.

Other changes in V3 include the characterization of some of the characters, getting rid of some of them (like Joseph’s three stooges) and replacing them with other more interesting characters, and even changing the point of view in some places.

An example of this is here I like this chapter and I think it succeeds in what I’m trying to do but on the other hand I thought it might be better to present it from Joseph’s point of view rather than an omniscient one. This is important because otherwise it might be confusing for the reader later as it switches to Nathan’s limited point of view and I personally dislike when books do that.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly I improved readability, made sure to pick up pieces I accidentally dropped along the way, and extended the story’s length.

I’ve noticed that some of my writing and word choice could be flowery or just plain not make sense at some parts so I set off to fix those parts (No need for big words if they’re not necessary) and even rearranged and deleted some passages. As for picking up pieces I made sure the locket that was mentioned has a bigger role in the story and other things like that.

And most importantly the story length. I’ve looked it up and the typical thriller is around 60k to 90k words while the Serial Killer clocks in around 50k which is… Less than desirable. At the same time I didn’t just want to add padding so I tried my best to make the new characters more interesting and have a bigger role in the story while also increasing the roles of the characters already present.

Now there’s the question of what’s the future of this blog. And to that, I think I want to post more short stories here perhaps with the occasional poem or two. I already have an idea of the first short I want to do, it will be fantasy instead of thriller and I hope it turns out well.

That’s it for now. I hope I got my thoughts across well and I hope you enjoyed reading. If so leave a comment or like and hit the sub button if you want to see more. By the way ten points to you if you get what the title is referencing.




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