Inspiring bloggers tag


One of the blogs I follow recently put up a challenge to tag the bloggers who inspire them so I thought I’d join the fun.

First I want to thank Blogosphere for thinking about me in her post. She’s a nice person and perhaps a natural-born cheerleader! Her comments on my posts were always a nice motivator to keep going. And she’s an amazing writer check out awsome posts like this on her blog!

The challenge came with questions so here goes.

  1. What made you take up blogging? Originally I just wanted a place to put up some of my writing which is why the first few posts are just poems and nothing about me.
  2. What would you choose: Go back to the past or jump to the future? Definitely the future. It’s always nice to fantasize about the future and I think it would be fun to see if any of my predictions come true.
  3. How many languages can you speak? Right now just English but I’m learning Japanese.
  4. Your travel pet peeves? I don’t know if I have any. I try my best to go with the flow wherever I go.
  5. Name three of your favorite authors. Will Wight of the Cradle series, J.K Rowling, and Andrej Sapowski of the Witcher series. I’m a huge fantasy fan.

And now here’s (In no specific order) some bloggers I like to follow and why.

Blogosphere of course for her amazing and suspenseful stories that will leave you on the edge of your seats. She also makes beautiful poems which you should give a look.

The soul searchersite who also makes cool stories and poems. I also like following her six-word stories and other short-form stories she makes.

Danventuretravels which is a travel blog. I really enjoy his travel stories and I think it’s amazing how real he is like in his post about how the Coronavirus disturbed his travels.

DoctorHqConfessions which is a more personal blog about a medical student and her adventures traversing that landscape. I can’t even imagine how difficult and terrifying that must be especially at this time.

Those are some great blogs to read and I’m currently looking for more! Thank you again to Blogosphere and seriously, go check out her stuff!

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