Friday Fictioneers First Attempt


“He killed a man over a sandwich?” Colin asked disgusted at the scene before him.

“Weird isn’t it?” Mark said. “The man asked for no pickle and it had pickle. He took two bites of the thing and went berserk.”

“Police work makes you realize just how crazy some people can be…”

“Well hold on, let’s not call him crazy. I mean I understand him, I can’t stand the slimy things either.”

Colin gave mark a blank stare before returning to the bloody counter. “Remind me to never make you a sandwich…”

“No promises partner,” Mark said laughing wildly. “


I’ve seen that there are apparently a few writing challenges all over WordPress and I think they’re good practice. This one hales from Rochellewisoff. As part of the challenge you’re supposed to link your story for other people to read but I think I’m gonna hold off on that. Putting yourself out there like that is hard and I’m still getting used to blogging.

The owner of the photo prompt is Ted Strutz and you can find his website here.

I want to try more of these and will have another challenge up today. The continuation of the acid short story will still be coming today at 6 CST so today will just be a triple post kind of day. Look forward to it!


One thought on “Friday Fictioneers First Attempt

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