Writing and a New Attempt

It’s been forever since I’ve been back here! So much has happened both to me and the world over that I’ll keep this post short and try to add my thoughts in subsequent posts. But the reason I decided to come back to this little internet journal is because I decided to give writing another crack.

During my little break away from everything I’ve written something new and found a new place to post it for free, Royal Road. It’s a nice little community with lots of free writing that you should check out if you’re into fantasy like I am.

As of right now the story needs editing and a lot of it, I already have a plan for that but it’ll be a little while before I’m ready to start posting. Right now I’m hoping for July or August first release there but the sooner the better obviously.

That’s it for now, I’ll post more about the story in the coming days but right now I’m going to to focus on keeping up with the blog and continuing to get better at writing over time!


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