The eyes that stare back.

Jackson gripped his sink for dear life. Its cool porcelain centered him and allowed the world to stop spinning, if only for a moment. The previous night's liquor weighed heavily on his belly and kept threatening to come back up. He gazed at the sickly pale figure in the mirror behind his sink. "You've got … Continue reading The eyes that stare back.

The reset

Hello everyone, It's been quite a while, but I'm going to restart this blog and make it as best as possible. Why Now? A good question! First, the reason I stopped was because life got a bit hectic with job hunting after graduation, and honestly, the pandemic started to wear on me. I'm in a … Continue reading The reset

The Serial Killer chapter six: The Second Murder

<- Link to previous Chapter Nathan stayed in the rest of that Saturday. Although the mysterious girl and his doppelganger hadn’t reappeared he couldn’t help feeling something was wrong. Several times he caught himself staring at his bank account dismayed at the amount he had; the Spencers were always glad to help him if times … Continue reading The Serial Killer chapter six: The Second Murder