Friday Fictioneers First Attempt

“He killed a man over a sandwich?” Colin asked disgusted at the scene before him. “Weird isn’t it?” Mark said. “The man asked for no pickle and it had pickle. He took two bites of the thing and went berserk.” “Police work makes you realize just how crazy some people can be…” “Well hold on, … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers First Attempt

Acid – Part One: Ancestor

A fire raged against a stormy sky. The air filled with the smell of brimstone, melted flesh, and an odious acidic odor the people of Deerhall hadn’t smelled for a decade. Lucrais could only watch from afar as the only home she’d ever known was melted and devastated by the great corrosive dragon Kuvrig. At … Continue reading Acid – Part One: Ancestor