Editing – Aka The Reiteration Process

Hello all, as the title implies I’ve finished my story’s first draft and am now embarking on the editing process. All in all the story is about 130000 words which is nice for a fantasy story but by the time I’m done, will hopefully be pared down by ten to twenty thousand words. I thought it might be interesting to journal how I’m going to go about this process. Just as a shoutout before I start a lot of the tips I got come from this fictionary post which has helped me a lot.

1: First up is vomit draft or the draft I’ve already finished. This is where you just get the words out, not worrying about spelling errors, story contradictions, ect (but leaving notes/comments along the way if you’re like me). This took me much longer than expected. At 1k (later getting to 2.5k!) words a day when I first started back in January this should have taken no longer than 4.5 months at my slowest but ended up at six… But life got in the way, and things happen! This will serve as a good lesson for my future writing endeavors.

2: The story draft which I’m working on now. This is where you summarize your story and go scene by scene making sure your plot works throughout the novel. So far this has been easy because of the amount of comments and notes I’ve made while writing.

3: The character draft which is simply going through the entire plot character by character making sure each character sounds and acts like themselves for every part they’re in. Early on I made a character sheet for all the characters and their motivations which should help immensely.

4: Lastly the technical draft. This is where I’ll have to finally deal with those maddening spelling mistakes, grammar errors, dialogue conventions, and most importantly sentence flow. I’ve found amazing tips on sentence flow that will also reduce the amount of ‘crutch words’ I’ve used throughout the book that buff the novel length (Well over 4k words😅). When this is done I’m hoping readers will be able to jump from sentence to sentence with ease.

If all goes to plan I think this should take about a month, perhaps less if I work quick enough. While that’s happening I’ll be plotting out my next story (another fantasy/adventure), and perhaps plotting the sequel to the one I’m editing.

If you stuck around to read to the ends, thanks a lot! I’m trying to stick to a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday just to get into the habit for when I’m finally ready to start posting my story on RoyalRoad so check back those days if you enjoy this.

Thanks again,



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